Ludney Farm
R S Chapman & Sons

A 5th generation farmer, John farms 900 acres with Geoff his father, Ben his uncle and cousin Ian on their traditional mixed farm. The land is a mixture of rolling hills, woodland and Grade 2 land in South Somerset, part of which has been in their family for 300 years.

As a mixed farm, in addition to milking 150 cows, they have a flock of 250 Poll Dorset x Mule sheep which lamb through November and December to provide an early supply of spring lamb. They also rear beef cows and their own dairy replacements.

Much of the food for their livestock is grown on the farm, including oats, maize, barley, field beans, fodder beet, swedes and turnips. Wheat supplements the livestock feed and the excess is sold. Potatoes are grown and sold locally. There are also a few chickens to keep them supplied with eggs and John rears his own pigs (which he’s been doing since he was nine years old), ducks and turkeys, which he sells locally.

The Chapman family have been farming neighbours and friends of Nick and Claire’s for many years. John has also been one of the main organisers and helpers for Frogmary Green’s Open Farm events. Geoff and Angela, his parents, help on the day and with other large school visits, making it a real family affair.