Meadowlea Farm

Nick and Ed Wakely

Brothers Nick and Ed Wakely run Meadowlea Farm in partnership with Nick’s son Craig, who is the fourth generation to join the business. They have managed Meadowlea since their father passed away in 1993, working with cattle, sheep, arable and vegetable crops.

Meadowlea consists of 1600 acres, 200 acres of which is owned with the balance being rented. Split 55/45 grass and arable, the grassland is predominately permanent pasture. A proportion is within a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), along with a small amount farmed organically.

They have a breeding flock of 2500 North Country Mule sheep, lambing in spring, and normally graze around 90 Hereford, Friesian and Continental store cattle purchased in the spring and sold in the autumn.

Along with their arable crops, they also grow 50 acres of beetroot, 40 acres of carrots, 5 acres of parsnips and 3 acres of celeriac which are packed under their own brand at Meadowlea and sold to wholesale markets. So keep an eye out for Petherton Parsnips, Petherton Potatoes and Compton Carrots!

The Wakelys are passionate about farming and proud to produce their stock to a very high welfare standard. Visitors to Montacute House will be able to vouch for the quality of their stock, as some of their land is rented off the National Trust.

Initially Nick Wakely and Nick Bragg became friends by helping one another out on their farms. Since then, their friendship has flourished and extended to include Claire and Nick’s (Wakely) wife Naomi through the enjoyment of good food and drink!